“Mexican Jazz” A Graphic Novel Codex

“Mexican Jazz” is non-linear storytelling depicting the current hardships and conditions at the u.s. border. Primarily focusing on children and women being held in detention, this poetic intervention takes a look at migration from both a political and a spiritual perspective. We have been migrating these americas for thousands and thousands of years and will continue to do so long after man made borders are removed. This work journeys into the tragedy and the hope of migratory beings

“Mexican Jazz” $12.99 plus shipping


mjb 2-page-001-2mjb 3-page-001-2mjb 5-page-001-2mjb 6-page-001-2

mexican jazz page 29-page-001mjb 10-page-001-2mexican jazz page 5-page-001mjb 8-page-001-2

mjb 9-page-001-2

“Mexican Jazz” $12.99 plus shipping



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